Swim Keel

The Swim Keel is an innovative arena-patented swimming aid. It is the most revolutionary multipurpose training tool available on the market, thanks partly to its innovative streamline grip for hip stability that allows you to stabilise and develop your abdominals area. The Swim Keel is also designed to be used as both a board and pullbuoy and can be used for five different kinds of training: for developing your butterfly leg kick, as a stable pullbuoy, as an unstable pullbuoy (for more experienced swimmers to make your hips even more stable), for training your backstroke leg kick and as a fin-swimming training aid. Swim Keel’s technical features help maintain proper body alignment and position in the water, which is ideal when teaching the butterfly leg kick or for rehabilitation purposes. Test it out to see how well it works during butterfly leg kick sessions. Swim Keel’s distinctive features mean it goes perfectly with Powerfins or Powerfin Pros, which allow you to exploit it to the maximum during the toughest training sessions.

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