Backstroke with hand paddles

Swim backstroke with hand paddles

Swimming with Elite Hand Paddles will ensure you have the right backstroke arm technique, improving your control and power.

Your body should be perfectly balanced and afloat at the beginning of the backstroke, with your hips high, your head steady and your eyes looking upwards.

    Your arms should be pointing in opposing directions, one along the side of your body and the other extended in front of your head:

  • Begin the entry phase with your arm extended in front of you, rotated so that your palms are facing downwards and your little finger is the part of your hand that breaks the water.
  • Push the water downwards and outwards as you begin the catch phrase. Keep your elbow high and begin the pull with your forearm and hand.
  • At the end of the pull phase, sweep your hand backwards rapidly attempting to move as much water as possible and then pull it out of the water again ready to begin the recovery phase.
  • Your arm should be extended perpendicular to your body during recovery and then move back towards your head to begin another arm stroke.

Elite Hand Paddles are an excellent means of controlling your arm stroke: they will help you master the various phases of the arm stroke.

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