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Whether you want to push yourself harder, keep fit or simply spend time in the water enjoying a rejuvenating swim, here you will find the best training plan to reach your goal. Search according to your level and the goal you want to reach, save the training plans on your swimlist so they are available in your personal swim library whenever you need them, and get ready to enter the water with our help.


Choose the right training level for you: Easy, if you have only just started swimming or are looking for something simple to begin with; Medium, if you have a good basic swim stroke and want to test yourself out with our medium-intensity plans; Hard, if you are already an experienced swimmer, you train regularly and are always on the look-out for new challenges.



Once you have set your level and goal, start planning your training! Here is your training log for saving and looking at your training plans whenever you want. Her you can print out the plans, track how your training is progressing, organise your next swim sessions and so much more!



The coaches’ training plans will help you reach your goals and give you the support you need to train with peace of mind. You can choose from all the numerous plans posted by our arena certified coaches or test yourself out following a training session uploaded by the most experienced swimmers in the community. Vote for your favourite training sessions: you will decide who the best arena Swim coach is!