Breaststroke Legs

Swim breaststroke using only your legs

Swim breaststroke using your legs only with your arms extended in front of you and one hand on top of the other.

To make this drill easier you can rest your hands on a board. Simply raise your head when you need to breathe.

The breaststroke leg kick involves kicking backwards with both legs after drawing your heels up towards your glutes and bending your knees. Keep your feet pointing outwards during the kick phase before rotating them inwards at the end of the kick.

Focus on keeping your feet dorsiflexed.

The muscles that work hardest when swimming the breaststroke are the inside of your thighs and your calves as your legs sweep backwards; Try to focus on the right movement so that you use the inside of your legs for “forward propulsion” (make sure you do not make lots of unnecessary and inefficient leg movements).

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