Freestyle with hand paddles

Swim freestyle with hand paddles

Swimming with Elite Hand Paddles will improve your control over your arm stroke and increase your power in the water.

The correct starting position for an optimum arm stroke is to look down towards the bottom of the pool while keeping your back and hips up towards the surface of the water.

At the beginning of the stroke, the palm of your hand should be facing down and your wrist should be higher than your fingers.

  • Keep your elbow high as your arm prepares to enter the water. Catch the water with your forearm and thrust downwards. As your hand moves under your shoulder, your head should begin to rotate to breathe.
  • Continue the catch phase making sure your body is in the right position and your hand and arm are below your body not alongside it. Try to catch as much water as possible with your forearm. After completing this phase, the palm of your hand should be facing upwards.
  • At the end of the pull phase of your arm stroke, your arm should push backwards until it comes out of the water. Keep your elbow high during recovery. When your hand reaches the middle of your body, turn your head so it is facing forwards again.
  • As soon as your hand passes your shoulder, rotate it forwards so that it skims across the water and extend it out in front of you to complete the stroke.

The paddles will help you improve the length of your arm stroke, ensuring greater control and a more efficient catch.

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