Freeflow Pullbuoy II

The arena Freeflow Pullbuoy II is the ideal training aid to help swimmers increase the strength, resistance and technique of their arm stroke. Its distinctive figure-of-8 shape is perfectly ergonomic: it does not slow the swimmer down, actually improving the water flow and reducing friction. It is the perfect tool for correcting your buoyancy level, allowing you to be more hydrodynamic in the water. Here are some tips for using it: do not accentuate your leg kick while using this training aid; do not stiffen your body; place the pullbuoy between your thighs to improve your buoyancy or between your legs or ankles to strengthen and stabilise your core. Try it out for improving your body alignment in the water. We recommend you pay careful attention to your shoulder position when swimming freestyle. Over-rotating the shoulders is a very common mistake when swimming freestyle. This results in an incorrect catch phase during the arm stroke and also an irregular leg kick in the attempt to balance your body. The Freeflow Pullbuoy II combines perfectly with Flex Hand Paddles and the Swim Snorkel.

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