Swim Snorkel Pro III

Swim Snorkel Pro III is the latest version of the more conventional Swim Snorkel. Designed for more experienced swimmers, it is extremely stable at high speed thanks to its hydrodynamic design. This feature not only enables you to maintain an effective swimming technique but also an extremely efficient style when performing strength sessions in the water. Swim Snorkel Pro is characterised by 2 different air regulators that vary the air intake, intensifying the workout. Through the smaller air intake, one reduces the air supply creating a more intense workout. This can be applied in 3 different exercises: “relaxed speed”, when the swimmer swims at a reduced speed, breathing slowly and calmly, while developing diaphragm muscles, and during hypoxia workout. It can be combined with Elite Hand Paddles and Powerfin Pros for performing drills aimed at developing your strength in the water.

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