Vortex Evolution Paddles

This incredible product is designed to serve expert swimmers’ needs during particularly tough training sessions. The distinctive thing about these paddles is the moulding for the hands providing a natural, safe and comfortable grip. The multiple positions of the hand straps makes them easy to wear and the soft edges are extremely comfortable, preventing any uncomfortable rubbing against your wrists. Thanks to their special shape, neither to curved nor too flat, Vortex Evolution Paddles are undoubtedly an ideal training aid during extremely intense and demanding workouts thanks to their greater water resistance. You get a perfect fee for the water when swimming with these paddles and also greater resistance against the water itself. This makes your swim stroke feel more natural, as if you were swimming with bare hands. Test them out during both more technical training sessions and also strength development drills. Vortex Evolution Paddles’ special features mean they can be used for drills performed with different types of paddles, such as Elite Hand Paddles and Elite Finger Paddles.

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