Not much time for training? - part 4

The previous sessions were all divided into a first block focusing solely on the abs and a second block including a variety of different exercises. After the usual warmup to get both your upper and lower body moving, today’s session will be divided into two parts. The first part is a little bit longer and the second part is quicker but equally intense.The first block includes press ups, burpees and sit-ups to work on almost all your muscle groups. All the exercises are to be performed without taking a break: the only break, so to speak, will be those few seconds it takes to move on from one exercise to the next. The number of press-ups will gradually increase and the number of burpees will decrease. The sit-ups will always be performed for 15”.The second block works in the same way and includes dips, squats and an abs exercise called “heel touches” to be performed lying on the floor with your legs bent swivelling your body to the right and to the left to touch your heels with your fingers.

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Goal: Tone Up & Burn Calories
Level: Medium
Total time: 60min
Score: 132
arena coaches
Coaches: arena coaches

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