Workout for long distance swimmers - 1

Dear long distance swimmers, today we’re going to give you a suggestion on a workout to do in the swimming pool. We don’t want to feel repetitive, but it’s fundamental to start it off with a warmup stretching session on land. Distance athletes train with an elevated cardiac rhythm (heart rate, abbreviated HR and is measured in beats per minute, bpm) during their workouts, based on the exercises they do. Which ones? Let us try to explain: an aerobic workout consists in the capacity to maintain a rhythm with a HR max of 140-150 bpm for at least 20-30min without changing the technique in the exercise. When working on improving the threshold, on the other hand, you work during a shorter amount of time (10-20min) and one should maintain a frequency between 150-170 bpm.

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Goal: Endurance
Level: Medium
Total time: 90min
Score: 0
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