Anaerobic Strenght

Strength training is not easy. We have already seen a number of methods for developing strength both in and out of the water using various types of equipment. But it is one thing to do strength training in the gym and then make use of it in the water and another to actually do strength training in the water using resistances. One of the most popular methods in modern-day swimming of developing and increasing your strength in the water is resistance training. These are training sessions performed during certain periods of the season using external resistances like, for example, T-shirts, ankle straps, water parachutes, rubber bands etc. But be warned: this is an “invasive” training method, so it should be part of a gradual training plan starting with lighter loads under expert supervision.

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Goal: Endurance
Level: Hard
Total time: 30min
Score: 198
arena coaches
Coaches: arena coaches

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