The 10x100 test

We all know that a “test” is a vital part of a training plan. A test may have various aims and purposes: to test your fitness throughout the season, gauge the progress they have made or work out the right pace for your sessions in the water.Today’s training is focused on an extremely interesting test for all open-water swimmers, triathletes or middle-distance swimmers, who need to start training at more accurate paces in the water.The test we are talking about is the 10x100 test, but it can also be carried out over 6 or 8 x 100, depending on your fitness. Once you have finished the test, you will be able to work out your final result.Your average speed will be your potential pace over distances between 400m-800 m. Knowing this pace will allow you to work out your pace for all kinds of aerobic, threshold and maximum oxygen consumption workouts.If there is no more than two or three seconds difference in your pace for the first few 100s and the last 100s, then you have learnt how to gauge your sub-maximum effort properly. If this is not the case, do not worry!The first few times you do this test, your results will probably be hard to interpret either because you have set off too fast or because you were excessively cautious. Making mistakes will help you improve. After performing the test several times at key moments during the season, you will realise it is all a matter of practice and of gauging your effort.ENJOY YOUR TEST!

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Goal: Endurance
Level: Medium
Total time: 75min
Score: 0
arena coaches
Coaches: arena coaches

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