Training on the beach!

You’re at the beach, on holidays. Being the sports lover that you are, after 2 or 3 days of not doing anything but laying around relaxing, you are start to feeling restless. Water to swim in? You have it! Enough space to do exercises? Unless you happen to be on an extremely tiny beach, you have that as well! So, get to work! The whole workout is based on alternating working out on the sand and in the water. This is mainly in order to stay cool despite having warm temperatures by cooling off in the water. As a warm-up alternates jogging along the shore combined with some arm-circles and squats with easy swimming (repeated 3 times). In the central part of your workout I’ve created a circuit to be repeated 4 times, where each circuit consists in 3 blocks: 1) Free body exercises to be repeated for 20 sec. 2)A quick sprint along the beach for 10m. 3) A quick sprint in water. When you’ve finished doing a round, take a 2 min. active pause by swimming in a relaxed tempo. In order to cool down, swim for 5 min in a relaxed tempo and do some stretching along the shore.Enjoy your workout!

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Goal: Tone Up & Burn Calories
Level: Medium
Total time: 45min
Score: 0
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