Rock-hard glutes thanks to swimming!

There are various ways to improve your buttocks and swimming is certainly one of them. As well as being the best-known and most popular swim stroke, the freestyle’s smooth leg kick allows you to work on your glutes constantly to strengthen and tone them up. Using your arms ensures you have a balanced workout divided up evenly between your upper and lower body. On the other hand, the circular movements of the breaststroke allow you to focus on developing your gluteus medius (i.e. the muscle in the top-outside part of your bottom), but be careful: this can be hard on your knees and back if you are not careful. Aqua fit classes may be ideal for you, if you do not like swimming or if you need to be assisted. Since this is a “vertical” work-out, generally done up to your waist in the water, it is an easy way to tone your muscles in complete safety. If, on the other hand, you want to work out on your own, you can focus on bodyweight exercises. These exercises can also be performed out of your “beloved” pool, but remember that water resistance makes you work harder and will have a much better effect on your backside!

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Goal: Well-being
Level: Easy
Total time: 30min
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