Effective workout even if you don’t have much time - Aerobic power training

Answer truthfully. How much time do you want to dedicate to pool-time workouts? If your answer is less than 4 hours a week, then these suggestions are for you! With a few good tips, a good workout program and a bit of determination, even 4 hours a week can give you some great results. Here you can find 3 tips that you absolutely have to follow if you want to improve your workouts: 1) Constancy. There can’t be any excuses like “I’m too tired today, so I’m not going” or “what’s the point of going if I can only stay an hour?” or “I don’t really feel like going today. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow instead”. If you follow this suggestion, the rest won’t be a problem. 2) Pay attention to your technique. Even if you don’t have much time, 10min of pure technique training every session is time well spent. 3) Have fun. Do you feel like using fins? Use them. You feel like you are swimming more effectively when using the pull buoy? Then use it. You like to do leg-practice while using a snorkel? Fine! In other words, don’t put limits on what you enjoy in the water. Here is the first weekly workout, focued on the aerobic power!

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Goal: Endurance
Level: Medium
Total time: 75min
Score: 0
arena coaches
Coaches: arena coaches

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